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Thursday, 17 September 2015

13 & 15 Yrs Old, Nigerian Brothers Built Mobile Web Browsing Alternative To Google Chrome

They say necessity is the mother of invention and this is sure the case when it comes to 13 and 15 year old, Nigerian brothers Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime. Their necessity is their need for a faster mobile web browsing experience…because who wants to wait a few extra seconds for Google Chrome to load when you can build a better browser?

Pub landlord murdered regular for taking too long to drink up

David Keane arriving at Manchester Crown Court

A pub landlord murdered a punter because he was taking too long to drink up at the end of the night.

EXCLUSIVE So fierce! Queen Bey flexes her muscles in wildcat swimsuit while enjoying a swim with Jay Z and Blue Ivy; PHOTOS

The 34-year-old singer displayed her knock-out body in a one-piece while in Sardinia, Italy, on earlier this week with her husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy.

Curves ahead: The singer opted for a stylish one piece for her day by the pool

False widow spider bite leaves on toddler that took three months to heal

Ella and the bite which left her unable to walk Picture: SWNS)

These are the injuries suffered by a three-year-old girl after she was bitten by a false widow spider.

Ella Williamson received the tiny spider bite on her leg, but is soon developed into a massive blister which tripled in size over the next two days.

Scientists say they’ve found a way to grow weed without a plant

It’s the yeast scientists could do (Picture: METRO/mylo)

Scientists claim to have found a way to develop weed without growing a plant.

Woman Who Used Fake Penis To Pose As Man Convicted Of Sex Assault

Still popular: Recap all the coverage from the Chester prosthetic penis trial: 

The penis was fake but the verdict was real.

A woman who posed as a man to maintain a steamy relationship with another woman was convicted of sexual assault in a British court Tuesday, the BBC reported.

Ahmed Mohamed’s family bring pizza to reporters outside their house

The reporters outside Ahmed's home were in for a treat.

The teenager who became everyone’s new favourite new internet celebrity has also got a pretty generous family too, it turns out.

British ventriloquist Paul Zerdin crowned winner of America’s Got Talent

Paul previously fronted the GMTV show Rise and Shine (Picture: NBC)

A British ventriloquist has been crowned champion of America’s Got Talent 2015, after wowing the nation with his wacky puppet antics.

Gail Porter brands Katie Hopkins ‘disgusting’ for cancer hair loss tweet

(Picture: ITV/Getty)

Gail Porter has hit back at Katie Hopkins for a tweet which mockingly compared her alopecia to cancer.

Meet the couple who sheltered dog in the rain for 20 minutes

Elise Rogers, 16 and Bradley Walledge, 17, from Dover, Kent (Picture: SWNS)

A mystery couple who became popular online after an image of them sheltering a stranger’s dog was posted have spoken about their new found fame.

Africa | Coup in Burkina Faso: Army disperses protesters

Ouagadougou – Members of Burkina Faso’s Presidential Guard on Thursday announced the dissolution of the government on national television, saying President Michel Kafando had been ousted.

Nigeria: Osinbajo, governors meet in Aso Rock

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Thursday held the National Economic Council (NEC) meeting with state governors and other Council members.

Bizarre moment 6ft3in Jeb Bush towers over Trump by craftily standing on his TIPTOES for group photo

Jeb Bush was caught standing on his tiptoes during the group photo at Wednesday's Republican debate

Tall: Jeb Bush was caught standing on his tiptoes during the group photo at Wednesday's Republican debate

The 6'3" Bush did it multiple times, despite being the tallest candidate on the stage

He also stretched out his arms, taking up more space than anyone else in the photos

We Found The BABE Sitting Behind Jake Tapper At The GOP Debate Dad

We have FOUND #HotDebateGuy!

Via indiegogo.com

Multiple anonymous sources reached out to say that the ~mystery~ BABE sitting behind Jake Tapper is none other than Greg Caruso, and CBS is now reporting the same. A graduate of USC, Greg’s father is Rick Caruso, a real estate development titan in Los Angeles and owner of shopping mega-complex The Grove.

Husband ‘heard wife being murdered over the phone’

Danny Cross and Nicola Cross (Picture: Masons)

A man has been charged over the alleged murder of a woman whose husband may have heard her being stabbed to death over the phone.

21 sex positions ranked from worst to best

(Illustration by Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

‘Let’s talk about sex, baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be, let’s talk about sex.’

Yes, Salt-N-Pepa lyrics are obviously the correct way to introduce a ranking of sex positions.

Whether you grew up studying More!’s Position Of The Fortnight (RIP) or have simply found one old faithful and stuck to it, you’re bound to have a preference.

Health: What drinking coffee at night does to your body clock

A small and preliminary study suggests that caffeine does more than serve as an eye-opener: When consumed a few hours before bed, the most widely consumed psychoactive drug in the world seems to disrupt the body's internal clock.

Britain’s spy agency wants you to use simpler passwords

The ‘Donut’ GCHQ’s Cheltenham HQ (Picture: Reuters)

The UK’s spy agency GCHQ have urged people to stop using difficult-to-guess passwords.

Nigeria: Elumelu Opens Can Of Worms On Corruption During Obasanjo-Era Power Sector [INTERVIEW]

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo making a speech in Brasilia, Brazil on Tuesday, September 6, 2005 (Photo Credit: esacademic.com)

The former Chairman of the House Committee on Power in 2007, in the 6th House of Representatives, Ndudi Elumelu,on Monday, September 14, 2015 gave damning revelation as to the level of corruption in the power sector during the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Fisherman catches very weird alien-like massive fish

Hirasaka Hiroshi with his huge catch

A fisherman has caught an incredibly ugly looking fish that some people claim is a mutant fish affected by the Fukushima disaster.

White Torture of Black Bodies: 6 Medical Experiments on African-Americans You Never Knew About

Daughter of radiation experiment subject Elmer Allen comforts her mother, Fredna Allen.

by Yvette Carnell

By now most people know about the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, but what many don’t know is that this was just one in a long line of experiments conducted on African-Americans. The experiments actually began during slavery, when African-Americans were treated no better than field animals, and continued from there. Below is a list of the most heinous experiments conducted on African-Americans.

Slept with four people? Then you’ve been exposed to nearly 2,000,000 sexual partners

Warning: This tool may disturb you (Picture: Paramount/No Strings Attached)

A new sexual partner calculator has got us freaking out over the amount of genitals we’ve come in contact with.

Woman cut off lover’s penis because he wouldn’t leave his wife

The room was discovered covered in blood. (Picture: CEN)

A cheating man has had his penis chopped off by his lover because she refused to leave him.

The victim, 50-year-old businessman Liu from Hangzhou, eastern China, had allegedly promised girlfriend Zhang, 20, to leave his wife and start a new life.

Here’s the story behind THAT shot of the father sheltering his son from the rain

It’s no surprise that the image of a soaking wet father using his umbrella to shield his son went mega-viral, being seen by more than three million people.

BREAKING: Military confirms Burkina Faso coup, dissolves government

Interim President of Burkina Faso Michel Kafando speaks during his inauguration ceremony November 21, 2014 in Ouagadougou. Kafando, 72, former ambassador to the UN, was sworn in as transitional president three weeks after the fall of Blaise Compaore when he tried to extend his 27-year rule. AFP PHOTO / SIA KAMBOU

The military in Burkina Faso has announced the dissolution of the country’s transitional government, a day after presidential guards arrested the interim president and prime minister.


There is something new to be learned every day. Did you know the last “illegal” slave ship to arrive in the United States was called The #Clotilda? The ship arrived in Mobile, Alabama in 1860 and was built by Timothy Meaher in 1856. The ship was 86 feet long and 23 feet wide with a copper hull. The goal was to elude the federal government and bring back slaves to work as labors. Federal laws in 1808 prohibited bringing slaves into the United States, however 50 years later a ship was still maneuvering through the sea to the United States with slaves aboard. The last group of slaves were from the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa.

Update: Tears of joy as The Sun DMD’s wife regains freedom

Toyin Nwosu with friends after she was released by her abductors on Thursday morning. Photo: Precious Igbomwulendu

There was jubilation at the Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos, residence of the Deputy Managing Director of The Sun Newspapers, Steve Nwosu, on Thursday morning following the release of his wife, Toyin by kidnappers.

Video: ‘I hate gay f*****s’ – watch shocking moment Jeremy Kyle clashes with homophobic guest

This was the astonishing scene which saw a guest on a Jeremy Kyle show stun the audience, host and viewers at home with a homophobic rant – as he sat on stage accused of having a gay affair.

(Picture: ITV)

The man in question, George, had been brought onto the show by his wife who suspected him of cheating on her with his male best friend.

Tick, Tick, Tick… Trouble Looms For The APC Coalition, By Femi Aribisala

By Femi Aribisala 

BUHARI APC NEC MEETING: L-R; APC Presidential Candidate and Former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, APC Chieftian Chief Ogbonnaya Onuh, APC Chieftian, Chief Bisi Akande and Former Lagos State Governor and APC Chieftian, Senator Bola Tinubu during an executive Meeting of the APC Presidential Campaign Council held at the Campaign headquarter in Abuja on January 26, 2015 (Photo Credit: Sunday Aghaeze)

fter a short interlude from its near implosion over the choice of its legislative leadership, the APC should be back on its road to disintegration this month with the choice of Buhari’s ministers. That choice has been delayed for over 100 days under the guise that the president was being punctilious in ensuring only men of proven integrity would make the list.

Ogun State Health care Delivery: Raising The Bar Part 1

By Badero Olusola

Health care is defined as "the organized provision of medical care to individuals or a community." While universal health care (or government run health care system) is defined as "a specific type of health care where everyone is provided coverage regardless of their income, race, age, pre-existing conditions, gender, or wealth. In other words, as long as you are a legal resident of the region that is being covered, (i.e., the United States), you are eligible for universal health care."

Ogun State Health care Delivery: Raising The Bar Part II

By Badero Olusola


“Health is capital intensive and a social contract between the government and the people. Efforts by private organizations is just complimentary to the government and should not be seen as another alternative. Healthcare cannot be left in the hands of the private sector for fear of exploitation. Where this exists, the government serves as a regulator with appropriate health care financing." Dr. Edward Jagun, NMA Chairman Ogun State