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Maiyegun General

Friday, 29 January 2016

Ogun State: 'We Paid N3000 for Computer Studies, but our children uses business center for Computer Assignments' - Parent laments

Students of Abeokuta Grammar School, Idi-Aba queuing for computer assignment at a business center in Abeokuta

I received this from my inbox;

BREAKING NEWS: Nnamdi Kanu sacks his lawyer as court denies his bail

After a long wait and expectation, the court has announced the commencement of the ruling which will be coming in next 30 minutes.

The director of the Radio Biafra has withdrawn one of his lawyers, M. U Udechukwu from representing him in court.

Facebook Launches New App That Lets You Stream Live Video From Anywhere On Your Phones [SEE HOW!]

Facebook has launched a new video streaming feature

After testing it on a select group, the new feature is finally being rolled out to all Facebook users.